Chronology of Doshisha

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Chronology of the Doshisha

Amherst House 1912 Apr. Doshisha University (Preparatory Course, Faculties of Theology, Politics and Economy, and Department of English Literature) established under the College Law
Specialized Departments (English Literature and Home Economics) established at Doshisha Girlsf School under the College Law
1920 Apr. Doshisha University (Faculties of Letters, and Law, Graduate School, and Preparatory Course) established under the University Law
1922   Doshisha University under the College Law reorganized and becomes Doshisha College (Theology, English teacher training, Commerce, Politics and Economics)
1929 Apr. Department of Commerce at Doshisha College moves to Iwakura, a northern suburb of Kyoto
1930 June Specialized Departments of Doshisha Girlsf School renamed as Doshisha Womenfs College
  Dec. Department of Commerce at Doshisha College renamed as Doshisha High School of Commerce
1944 Apr. Doshisha Technical College (Telecommunication, Machinery, Chemical Engineering) established
    Oct. Doshisha University Research Institute established
1947 Apr. Doshisha Junior High School and Doshisha GirlsfJunior High School established
  July Demachi Kindergarten renamed as Doshisha Kindergarten
1948 Apr. Doshisha University (Faculties of Theology, Letters, Law and Economics), Doshisha Senior High School, Doshisha Girlsf Senior High School, and Doshisha High School of Commerce (night school) established
1949 Apr. Faculties of Commerce and Engineering established at Doshisha University
Doshisha Womenfs College of Liberal Arts established
Doshisha Senior High School moves from Imadegawa to Iwakura
DoshishaChapel 1950 Apr. Graduate Schools of Theology, Letters, Law, Economics and Commerce established at Doshisha University
Doshisha Junior College (English, Commerce and Economics, and Engineering), night classes, established
1951 Sep. Doshisha Kori Junior and Senior High School established by incorporating the schools of Kori Gakuen
1953 Apr. The Doctoral programs established at the Graduate School at Doshisha University
1954   Doshisha Junior College discontinued
4-year evening courses (Faculties of Letters, Law, Economics, Commerce and Engineering) established at Doshisha University