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2021.1.28 第25回国際交流に関するエッセイコンテスト表彰について



 第25回目となる今年度のテーマは,「『グローバル化する世界と新型コロナ問題』 “The Issue of COVID-19 in a Globalized World”」,「『グローバル化する世界と差別問題』 “The Issue of Discrimination in a Globalized World”」であり,日本語部門11点(大学生の部1点,高校生の部4点,中学生の部6点),英語部門24点(大学生の部1点,高校生の部17点,中学生の部6点)の作品応募があった。審査委員会の厳正な審査により受賞者を決定し,日本語部門,英語部門それぞれの最優秀賞,優秀賞,佳作の受賞者に対して,表彰状及び副賞が授与された。なお,今年度については,新型コロナウイルス感染症拡大防により,緊急事態宣言が発出されていることから,例年表彰式を開催しているクラーク記念館クラーク・チャペルではなく,各学校での授与となった。


Thank you to all the essay contest participants. You all deserve a big round of applause for taking part in the contest, and also for all the hard work you put into planning, researching, and writing your essay.

It may have been challenging for you to write an essay while the world was going through a global pandemic and trying to get accustomed to a new way of life. We hope that this essay enabled you to share your thoughts about what was occurring worldwide, and to become more aware of the problems that we have to face.

Many of the participants understood our reason for having chosen the two essay topics, included interesting and relevant examples from your own life, used statistics and data from research, and also demonstrated knowledge of current affairs. We were glad to see so much intellectual potential among the contestants. We would also like to offer some advice on how to write a good essay for future growth as you continue on your learning journey.

The first piece of advice might seem obvious but is fundamental to good writing: Make sure you answer the question. If the topic was "The Issue of COVID-19 in a Globalized World," then you need to address both the pandemic and globalization, and explain how they are related to each other.

Furthermore, when writing these kinds of essays, be sure to take some kind of position. In other words, include your opinion, rather than simply making a list of facts that anyone can find online. We are interested in hearing what you have to say. You have original ideas - share them!

Then, write your body paragraphs so that they support your opinion and explain it further. In other words, stick to your topic and develop it. In order to do this well, some planning before you start writing can be a great help.

We hope that by reading each other's essays you not only improve your writing skills, but learn a different perspective and become an even more globalized individual. We look forward to seeing you take part next year too.




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