CORRESPONDENCE. 83 ther told me he wrote me sometime ago before that, but I have not received it yet. He says his family is all well except my mother, she has been so anxious of me since I took my adventure. My sister wrote me also. They send their especial regards and much thanks to you. Beside that, there is great confusion among the people. The people of Yedo have great fear that the enemy of Shogun should attack the city, so my father and all wish me come back. But I am not his own. How can I go back now, having a plow on my hands? I must prepare myself for my Master's work. Y ct I think I can do great good for my mother here. I can pray fervently for her. God is present everywhere, so I trust He will take care of her. If I go back now I suppose I must go to war. I do not wish at all to kill myself in such a barbarous war. But I devote myself to go to battle against Satan, taking the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. Will you remem­ber my mother in your prayers? I pray for her many times a day. I hope God will preserve her life till she may hear the word of life. AMHERST, Jmze 15, 1858. I began lately to collect minerals, because I thought it will be worth to me to know something about them. When I was home I thought ,Japan is a farming country, but I think now she is a mineral country. There are several mines of gold, silver, cop­per, iron, platinum (lately discovered), and many pre­cious stones. But the people generally keep temples o£ gods orr summits of mountains, and dare not touch them, even though they see veins of minerals very plainly, lest they should defile the temples of gods and