82 SCHOOL AND COLLEGE DAYS. room I feel oppressive and tiresome, but when I go out in field, open my lung and breathe abundant oxy­gen, I feel always light, happy, and vigorous. It is only way for me to restore my health, so I wish Mr. Hardy would take much exercise in open air. Please give my love to him and alL In April of this year N eesima was confined to his bed for several weeks by a sharp attack of inflamma­tory rheumatism, and was kindly cared for at the house of Professor Seelye. AMIIERST, April 27, 1868. I received your kind letter and eheck and an in­closure from ,Japan in due time. I thank you for your kind request for my illness. I feel almost bet­ter, but Prof. Seelye still keeps me in his house. I do not know what I should do for his kindness but thanks only. He is very much afraid that I should take cold again because the weather is so changeable and unpleasant, and does not allow me to go to recita­tions. So I am still staying in his house. He pleases to have me in his home very much because Mrs. Seelye does not yet come back from Albany. But I must go back to my room soon as I can. 'Vhen I received your check I thought it would be very hard work for me to obtain so much with my own hand and felt grateful for your gift. ''Then Prof. Seelye's man brought me your letter he told me, "this is from your home," not knowing truly where it came from. 'Vhen I looked at its direction I perceived it came from you, but I felt some soft thing in it like Japan paper, so I replied him "probably it may be." Then I opened it. It was really a letter from home. My fa-