CORRESPONDENCE. 81 Fel:!ruary 21, 1868. I had a recent news from Japan which told me about war between Shogun and princes. Shogun's residence in Y edo was burned by a mob of Satsuma prince who educates the young men at Monson. It is very short walk from my home, but I do not feel anx­ious about my folks because I demand them under the protection of the Almighty Hand. To-morrow will be holiday. We shall not have any recitations. I should like to have such a day once and a while. I salute you all for the day, for the gift of the hero to this nation, and for independ­ence. I should like to see such freedom in my coun­try. March 25, 1868. My coat sleeves and button holes almost wear out, and its color fades away some. If you have coat at hand I wish you would give me one so that I may wear it to the church. But if you have not any I will wait till the next fall, because it is not my privilege to wear new clothing. But it shall be my great de­sire to wear a pure and white robe in the future world. March 30, 1868. I have been quite nervous these four or five weeks. I was not able to sleep soundly. Dr. Hitchcock rec­ommend me to take footbath every evening and eat some light things just before I go to bed to stupefy my brain. I did so faithfully sometime, ·but I stopped it last week because I can sleep better than used be -also I do not wish to spend money in such vain way. Does Mr. Hardy take much walk? I think the walking is essential and also desirable for business men and students. When I study long while in my