LETTER FJW11-l HOME. 77 He did not reply about the religion which I ex­plained to him quite plainly. I suppose he had not time to write many things. I also received letters from my friend who lives in my prince's house, my brother, and sister. My friend says he did always try to comfort my parentt~ and grandfather so that they might not be too much anxious of me, and he will comfort them in future also. He told me he will take good care for my family as well as his family. My brother says when he read Iny letter that he was so excited that the tears ran over his face, and cold per­spiration covered whole his body. He gave much thanks for my advice and instruction. He is studying Chinese in a high school. He feels quite ignorant and humble. He says he is like a flag which dwells in a small well and sees the heavens in little space. He wishes to see vast ocean and wide heaven. He comes in his prince's house every day and teaches Chinese to many children. My sister says she is pray­ing for me to her vain gods every day-I am pity of her .... TO MRS. HARDY. AMHF!RST, November 16, 1867 . . . . My vacation will come pretty soon, but I know not where I may go. Will you tell me where I may go? I hope I would study some during the va­cation, but if you find good chance I will work some­thing to pay my expenses. I asked Prof. Seelye about my staying in the College room during vacation, but he told me the law of the college does not allow to keep any students in the rooms during the winter va­cation lest the building should get fire. He invites me to spend the vacation with him. I don't know