66 SCHOOL AND COLLEGE DAYS. my way.' It is very strange that with sueh desire I find also evil powers in me very forcible. ''This is hottest day of the year. But in my walk­ings I do not suffer much heat because of love of nature. "I was very weary this morning. Evil powers in my heart tempted me to stay at home, saying it would not be sin if you kept your heart right; you ean read and praise and pray just well as in the church. I said, 'No, no.' Evil powers came in afternoon in like manner, saying, 'You are most too tired; you would not get much benefit because your head is drowsy.' I replied also, 'No, no, I will not miss the service tmless ::: be too sick.' " FROM MISS HIDDEN TO MRS. HARDY. ANDOVER, July 11, 1867. It has occurred to me since breakfast that it would afford me some pleasure to write you a few lines in reference to Joseph in connection with the list of his needs which you requested him to make known to you from day to day. He is very modest about these things and has not the least disposition to take any advantage of your charity, but iR often troubled that his present position brings necessities for which he is entirely dependent upon you. He has been made very comfortable through you during his resi­dence in Andover, and I know you must feel rewarded in your own soul as you observe the improvement he has made in his studies and also in his general appear­ance. There is no question but that he has uncom­mon abilities, and what gives them their greatest bril­liancy is that he evidently does all that God may be honored.