VACATION AT CHATHAM. 65 term. I love study dearly, so that I cannot leave it entirely .... Nowwehave quite number in the fam­ily. The sum of them is twelve. We went to the seashore yesterday and dug out one bushel of clams, and we shall go to woods to-morrow to get blackber­ries if it be fine weather. . . . Though I do not write to you very often, I do feel grateful for yonr kindness always, and mention you in my prayers daily for your prosperity in this world and future blessing in the another .... I have communicated very often to Japanese who are in Monson Academy. I think a youngest of them is a fine scholar, and I hope he will become a good instrument for the future civilization of the benighted Japan. EXTRACTS FROM JOURNAL WRITTEN AT CHATHAM. "I study Latin every forenoon, and exercise myself every afternoon in elocution, walking by the sea. In the evening I read the memoirs of Rev. Henry Martyn. It kindles my cold heart, and lowers my pride into humiliation. My faith and love to God and my fellow­men seemed me so faint i;hat I could hardly perceive them. I am comforted by the words, 'Be of good cheer. Thy sins are forgiven thee.' While I was walking by the side of that boundless ocean I recalled also, 'Deep calleth unto deep,' and I said within my­self that though my sins are deep they would by no means exhaust the deep of God's love. Then I thanked God that my face was turned neither back nor to the sides, but forward. Afterwards I found myself very foolish and ignorant, saying: 'How could I promote his kingdom to my heathen friends, seeing I am so foolish and ignorant? ' It seemed me the Lord answered: 'I will be thy master and teach thee