64 SCHOOL AND COLLEGE DAYS. place where I missed the cars to the Cape, and anived in Chatham little after 3 o'clock P. M., taking a coach seven miles from the centre of Harwich. I was re­ceived cordially by my old acquaintances here, and I was very gbd to see them. Before I arrived at the city of New Bedford I prayed to the Lord that he would take care o£ me and guide me to a safe place. So he answered my prayers and guided me to such a kind and godly man to help to pass that night safely. Perhaps some people, who trust in their own wisdom and do not believe in the providence of God, would s:ty that I was lucky at that time, not thinking of his providence at all. But I can say surely the Provi­dence guided me to a safe place, because I believe nothing can OCClll' without the Providence of God. 1'0 MRS. HARDY. NoRTH CHATHA~!, August 26, 1867 . . . . I was reoeived by Capt. Taylor's father's family kindly and welcomely. They are all pleasant and social people and they treat me as their own fam­ily. I am thankful to God for his perpetual care to me. Though I had nothing with me when I left Japan, yet I do not suffer at all for the destitute of the daily necessity. He gave me you and others as friends to care me. Therefore I do prove this pre­cious verse : " Be strong and of good courage, be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed; for the Lord God is with thee whithersoever thou goest." 'When I read this verse my grateful feeling towards Him caused me many streams of tears. . . . I do not read much this vacatim1, hut I read th3 Book and a few pages of geography every day. I hope my eyes will grow strong enough to enter into new study in the next