UNI1'ES WITH SEMINARY CHURCH. 59 Jesus. A few weeks ago Mrs. Shedd asked to you about my joining the Seminary Church, and she wrote to Mrs. :Flint that you are approved of it. If you and Mr. Hardy approve it, I shall join it the next communion. Now I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God who died for our sins, and we shall be saved. through Him. I love Jesus more than anything else. I cast whole self to Him and try to do right before His sight. This is my vow. I will go back to Japan and persevere to turn the people to Jesus from Devil. I determined myself to Jesus so fast that nothing can separate my love from Him. But my flesh is weaker than my spirit, therefore I wish to join church and to unite in Christ, that I may grow more Christlike and I may do great good to my nation for his name's sake. If you approve it, please give me answer in the next week. Please care for yourself and give my love to Mr. Hardy and all your family. I would like to see you sometime. . . TO MRS. HARDY. ANDOVER, December 25, 1800. It is the beautiful morning of Christmas. I feel very bright and happy, and I am thankful to Heav­enly Father for his remarkable care on me from the time of my landing on Boston till now, as you know yourself surely .... The communion of the church in the Seminary will be observed in the next Sunday. I shall join to it in that time and shall be baptized in the name of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Perhaps you will be very busy on the last day of this week, therefore I dare not say: "Please come up here and spend the next Sabbath with me." But I should be very happy to have you and Mr. Hardy present at the communion season. . . .