58 SCHOOL A.ND COLLEGE DAYS. told me he will sail to China again and he would like to see me before his voyage. Therefore I wanted to see him very much. But I thought within my heart that I must spend some money for going up and com­ing back. But in the Saturday morning Mrs. Flint gave me a tieket, and Mr. Hidden presented to me one dollar bill to spend it in Boston. After our morn­ing prayers in the Academy I went to Boston . . . then I went to Charlestown to see Capt. Taylor. He was there on board the ship and seemed very glad to see me. Forenoon I stayed there with him, and it was very pleasant to me to spend a few hours with my old acquaintance. Afterwards he took me to Boston to get dinner, gave me his thin overcoat which is very suitable for this season, and bought for me a very nice hat, though I did not tell him about it. After a quar­ter of five o'clock he came to the depot with me, bought a ticket for me, and said good-by, bursting in tears. 0 Mrs. Hardy, is it not wonderful that the providence of God has fallen on me, a poor Japanese, so much? Last Monday M--told me my trunk had come. Mrs. Hardy ! when I opened the trunk I said within my heart: "What shall I do to you?" because you give me so many things as your own boy. Not these things only, but my education, hoping that I might do great good to my native land. I think, though you help me so much, you hope no reward from me, because you know I am poor. Therefore I may say surely that your heavenly reward shall be increased. Please remember the words of the Lord Jesus how He said : "It is more blessed to give than to receive." . . . Last Monday evening Mrs. C-­died. I think she is sitting now by the right hand of