56 SCHOOL AND COLLEGE DAYS. gions, and care for your health, and give my regard to Mr. Hardy and your whole family. TO MRS. HARDY. ANDOVEH, July 24, 1866. So you Oike the Samaritan) relieve me from the misery, and help me to get good education, therefore I will call you my neighbor. Nay, I will call you my mother whom God gives me. I pray to Him for you day and night that He may bless your family bounti­fully. He knows our hearts and desires. If we ask Him faithfully, He will answer us with best thing .... 0, be cheerful to help me (a poor boy, like a wingless bird). Our Father which art in Heaven will rejoice your charitable deed, and will reward to you with the best thing .... I am very glad I got through arith­metic in this term. I will take algebra and grammar in the next term. My eyes are not very well, but I expect they shall be strong if I stop my study little while and take much exercise in this vacation. This afternoon I must go to the exhibition of the Academy, therefore !'have not much time to write many things to you. Please give my love to Mr. Hardy and tell him be very careful for this hot season. TO MRS. HARDY. ANDOVER, September 10, 1866 . . . . Mrs. Hidden's aunt, called Mrs. C--, commenced to be weak from the last spring and grew worse and worse. Now she is in the point between life and death. In the evening of the last Sunday I went in her chamber and waited on her a little while. Though her mind turned aside, she seemed to me more quiet than any rest time. I told her: "Mrs.