CORRESPONDENCE. 53 miracle for a widow and Naaman in the time of Eli­jah; and I have stopped in his room every evening to recite out these things. Mr. Hidden and his sister take care about me very kindly, and I feel very comfortable, as if I had been in my father's home. I think all these things belong to the providence or mercy of God, and I must glorify, love, and obey Him. I hope and believe too He will bless you and your whole family. I would like to see you sometime. TO MR. HARDY. ANDOVER, January 20, 1866. I am very well through God's mercy and your care. Dear Sir, I am not able how to explain my great thankfulness to you, but in my mind only. When I rest from my study I always remember God's mercy and your care, and give thanks to Him, and pray to Him for you, "Bless him who helps the poor for thy name's sake." Please tell me when your friend will go out from Boston to Yokohama. I hope to send letters to my father and my friend who lives in Hakodate to let them know of my present suc-cess .... TO THE JAPANESE FRIEND WHO AIDED HIM TO ESCAPE FROM HAKODATE. ANDOVE:&, February 23, 1866. I am very well through God's mercy since I com­menced my hazardous adventure. When I called on Him who made heaven and earth and sea and all that in them is, my sorrow turned into joy and my misery changed to success. Oh, I may surely say that it is very wonderful and marvelous that such success has