52 SCHOOL AND COLLEGE DAYS. TO MR. HARDY. ANDOVER, January 1, 1866. I am very well and had a most comfortable New Year. 0, I may say I never had such a comfortable New Year in my life, because I had enough of all things that I wanted without any trouble and labor. 0 dear Sir, I feel your kindness and goodness from the top of my head to the extreme of my feet, and I wish you to know that since I came here how happy I am, and how successful as follows: -In the school I had recitations in arithmetic from decimal fractions until duodecimal, and I heard many scholars read or spell in English. 0 dear Sir, it seems to me I have founcl a kind and godly neighbor called Mr. Flint, who lives in Mr. Hidden's house. He teaches me every evening the arithmetic, and I have recited to him through reduction, signs, definitions, vulgar fractions, decimal fractions, addition, subtrac­tion, multiplication, division, interest, and compound interest, until commission. A few days ago he gave me a small geography, and hears me recite about it; and lets me write some compositions, and corrects them for me; and Mrs. Flint explains to me the New Testall'\ent every evening, too. I have memorized Beatitudes, Lord's Prayer, golden rule, 22nd Chap. Math. 37th verse, 3d chap. St. John 16th verse, 1st and 23d Psalms, and Ten Commandments, and I have read in the New Testament until the 17th Chap. Luke; and I have read out from the Old Testament the es­cape of Israelites from Egypt; their stay in a wilder­ness, eating and dressing by God's miracle; Moses' death; Daniel in the lion's den; three wise men in the strongest fire; the strongest man Samson ; the