50 SCHOOL AND COLLEGE DAYS. cane, no tempest, but always fair wind. 0 Lord, Thou let me acknowledge thy holy Word every day, and maketh me warm bed to lie down in, and prepar­eth me nice table to eat enough. 0 Lord, no man can do such goodness and mercy for me but Thou only. 0 Lord, wash away my sins, take up my evil heart and give me right spirit to understand and remember thy holy Word; and let my eyes and ears be good to see and hear thy holy Word more and more. 0 God, wilt Thou help me to destroy many gods and idols? Please destroy them with thy power and let me be comforted. 0 Lord, I will never keep thy name in vain, and I will try to obey thy commandments as I can. I ask Thee for my helpers, teachers, parents, and all brethren; keep out from them illness and temptation. For thine is power and glory and king­dom forever. Amen." FROM MARY E. HIDDEN TO MR. HARDY. ANDOVER, January 2, 1866. At my brother's request I reply to your note, which was received in due time. Joseph was glad to get some word from you, and has rather been looking for you since the week after the term closed, not feeling certain what disposition was to be made of him. I gathered from what you said that his entering school here was somewhat of an experiment. You doubtless have been apprised of his efficiency through Dr. Tay­lor, but he has another teacher to whom he recites every evening, and who speaks of him as going ahead very fast. This is the gentleman who lives in the other part of the house. Both he and his wife have, from the first, taken great interest in this young J ap­anese, and seem to consider him a door of usefulness