DETERMINES UPON FLIGHT. 31 we live upon was created by his unseen hand, and not by a mere chance. I discovered in the same History his other name was the 'Heavenly Father,' which created in me more reverence towards Him, because I thought He was more to me than a mere Creator of the world. All these books helped me to behold a being somewhat dimly yet in my mental eye, who was so blindly concealed from me during the first two decades of my life. " Not being .able to see any foreign missionaries then, I could not obtain any explanations on many points, and I wished at once to visit a land where the gospel is freely taught, and from whence teachers of God's words were sent out. Having recognized God as my Heavenly Father, I felt I was no longer in­separably bound to my parents. I discovered for the first time that the doctrines of Confucius on the filial relation were too narrow and fallacious. I said then : 'I am no more my parents', but my God's.' A strong cord which had held me strongly to my father's home was broken asunder at that moment. I felt then that I must take my own course. I must serve my Heavenly Father more than my earthly parents. This new idea gave me courage to make a decision to for­sake my prince, and also to leave my home and my country temporarily. " While I was walking on the streets of Y edo one morning, I met quite unexpectedly a friend whose ac­quaintance I formed during my voyage to Tamashima. He informed me that the prince's schooner was go­ing to leave Yedo for Hakodate within three days. Knowing that I was still interested in navigation, he asked me whether I would take a short voyage to Hakodate with her. Possibly it was a mere compli-