APPENDIX. THE Doshisha School was established in 1875. The first class graduated from the Theological department in 1879, and from the Collegiate department in 1880. The Girls' School was opened in 1877 ; the Preparatory depart­ment and the Doshisha Hospital and Nurses' Training School were opened in 1887. The Harris Science School was opened in September, 1890, and the trustees have voted to open the department of Political Science in 1891. The name "Meiji" University, proposed in 1884, was changed in 1888 to Doshisha University. The Board of Trustees is composed of ten Japanese, residents of Kyoto, Tokyo, and Osaka ; there are also three foreign associates, and one honorary member. · The catalogue for 1890-91 shows a Faculty of Instruction of thirty-four members, twenty-three of whom are Japanese, and the following courses of instruction : a Preparatory course of two years; an Academic course of four years ; a Theological course of four years, candidates for which mnst have completed the Academic course or its equivalent; a Special Theological course of three years, established in 1882, with provision for one year's preparatory study ; and a short Vernacular course of two years, designed for such as cannot take the full course, but desire to engage in evangelistic work. The Harris School comprises two departments, one of pure sci­ence (university courses), and one of applied science (tech­nical courses). The number of students entered in 1890 was:-Preparatory Collegiate • Scientific Theological Total 76 376 33 85 570