20 EARLY LIFE. alone, without being accompanied by my father, be­cause I was invited by him to come there as often as I would. As he was childless, he was always delighted to have me come and play with him when he had nothing in particular to do. Staying there towards evening, I often slept on his lap and was carried home in his arms. When I began to draw some pictures, I used to take them to show to him, and he was really de­lighted to see the progress I made. He often invited me to come to his house when he had company. As I had acquired some manner of politeness at the school of etiquette, especially in the cup-bearing and waiting upon gentlemen at their meals or banquets, I was quite serviceable to him on such occasions. He often took me with him when he went out to worship his ancestors or his guardian gods. I was really attached to him, because he loved me as if I were his own son. He was a good horseman and expert in shoot­ing arrows. Moreover, he was a man of some char­acter. He often rebuked his prince for his extreme arbitrariness, and also for his excessive drinking. So the prince felt uncomfortable to keep him near him, and sent him off to his castle town Annaka to repre­sent him to the people, although it was called by the prince a promotion. What a painful day it was for me when he was ready to leave Yedo for Annaka! I went as far as an outskirt of that immense city, with my father and many others, to see him off. I wept bitterly when I took my last farewell. He was some­what affected, but manfully concealed it and showed me an affectionate and touching smile. His last word to me was, ' Good-by, Shimeta; be a good boy. When you grow up larger, come up to Annaka to see me.' Then he bade his attending servants to start for the