334 LAST YEARS AND DEATH. the majority; for looking at the great men of the past I find that all had to endure the sneers and attacks of their contemporaries, and even to sacrifice life. No wonder that Christ had to suffer the Cross. He, therefore, who wishes to be a leader must be ready to sacrifice his life. "I add one thing more, and that is of the Christians of to-day. Being fed and clothed by God they are just like dead matter. This is because they do not un­derstand the words of God. Among many sad things this is the most deplorable. Even if 39,000,000 of people become nominally Christian, this will not suf­fice to purify society. This should not be lightly thought of. "His words pierced me through. Some time had passed, so I rose to leave, promising to see him again with Miss U shiwoda. On my going he presented me with his photograph, saying, 'I give you this that you may not forget what I have asked you to do.' Two days later I visited him with Miss Ushiwoda. Though very busy, he received us, saying many things to us which I cannot speak of here, feeling my inability to express his thought rightly. But one sentence I shall not forget so long as I live. 'Let neither of you ever despair. Persevere. Dare to become reformers, yea, the renewers of this generation, and work on.' He seemed to be greatly moved as he uttered these words, and we left him in tears. His last words to us were : 'This may be the last time I shall see you, so please pray for me and for the Doshisha.' We went out of the door looking into his face, and sorrowfully gained our homes. "From that time we prayed daily for his recovery and for the university, when unexpectedly we heard the