STATEMENT TO THE JAPANESE PUBLIC. 311 Count Okuma Count Inouye Viscount Aoki Mr. R. Hara Mr. K. Iwasaki . Mr. K. Okura . Mr. H. Tanaka . Mr. Y. Shibusawa Mr. Y. Iwasaki . Mr. H. Hiranuma • Mr. K. Masuda . • Yen. • 1,000 . 1,000 500 . 6,000 • 3,000 . 2,000 . 2,000 . 6,000 . 5,000 . 2,500 • 2,000 Counts Ito and Katsu and Viscount Enomoto have also signified their approval of our work and have promised to aid us. In addition, some friends of mine in America have promised $50,000 towards the en­dowment of the present school, and another friend has recently promised $15,000 for a Science Hall. " In view of this, since our work has now progressed for twenty years or more, and has gained so much approval in many quarters, and since we are now be­ginning to meet with so much success, I think we must now be diligent to seek out many helpers, for the institution of a university is a great undertaking and needs much money and help of all kinds. Such an opportunity as we now have, if once lost, may never be found again, and therefore we must not waste a moment. Also when we consider the present state of the Doshisha, we feel sure that our purpose is not in vain. We have increased the number of trustees of the Doshisha Company, perfected its constitution, and thus established the government of this educa­tional work upon a firm basis. At present we have a preparatory course, an English collegiate course, a theological course, a girls' school, and a hospital and