310 LAST YEARS AND DEATH. be called the first step in the undertaking of the work. Nevertheless, although many gentlemen gave assur­ances of help, as it was a time of business depres­sion nothing was accomplished towards raising money, and our plans seemed to come to a stop for a while. Also I was obliged to go to America for a time and to leave the work in the hands of friends during my absence, so that the whole amount raised until April of the present year was only about 10,000 yen. "During the present year we have especially de­voted ourselves to this work, and good results have been accomplished. In April we called together over six hundred of the prominent people of Kyo to and explained our plans to them, at which time Mr. Kita­gaki, the governor of the Kyoto prefecture, not only approved our purpose but himself made an address urging the people to help in the work. Since then several meetings have been held, and a committee is collecting money, and we have reason to hope that our confidence in the generosity and public spirit of the people of Kyoto will not be disappointed. " And I have worked in Tokyo as well as in Kyoto. Counts Okuma and Inouye and Viscount Aoki and others, to whom I have explained my plans, have ex­pressed their approval o£ them, and especially Counts Okuma and Inouye, after visiting the school and per­sonally inspecting its working, have given it their warm recommendation and encouraged us in our pur­pose of establishing higher courses of study. Besides these, other gentlemen and business men of Tokyo and Yokohama, after hearing my plans, have given the following sums since April of the present year : -