308 LAST YEARS AND DEATH. the following January I met Mr. Kido, counselor to the Cabinet, and told him of my purpose, who ap­proved of it and gave me much aid in accomplishing it. I also received much aid from Mr. Tanaka, the Minister of Education, and from Mr. Makimura, then governor of the Kyoto Fu. The result was that, in company with Mr. Yamamoto, I opened a school in Kyoto on the 8th of November, 1875, which was the beginning of the present Doshisha College. "Thus the Doshisha was established ; and its pur­pose was, not merely to give instruction in English and other branches of learning, but to impart higher moral and spiritual principles, and to train up, not only men of science and learning, but men of con­scientiousness and sincerity. This we believe can never be attained by one-sided intellectual education, nor by Confucianism, which has lost its power to con­trol and regulate the mind, but only by a thorough education founded on the Christian principles of faith in God, love of truth, and benevolence to one's fel­low-men. That our work is founded upon these principles is the point in which we have differed from the prevailing views on education, and owing to this we failed to gain the sympathy of the public for a number of years. At that time our condition was very weak, with almost no friends in the whole coun­try, with our principles of education not only despised by the ignorant, but treated with contempt even by men of enlightenment. Nevertheless, being convinced of the ultimate victory of truth, helping and strength­ening each other, we proceeded on our way with a single eye to the end and with strong determination amid the greatest difficulties. "Fortunately general opinion has now changed re-