302 LAST YEARS AND DEATH. affection binds us much firmer than some natural ties. Here I am, far away from you. I wish I could appear before him even in his dream." " August 24th. I am all confused when I attempt to write to you. I have many things to say to you concerning Mr. Hardy's departure for another world. But when I attempt to write, alas ! I find everything chaotic. I sit by my table, I hold my pen,-but I can do nothing further. Of course I know that our Heavenly Father wished him to come to the blissful heaven. I know most too well we must submit all our affairs to his hand. I know also Mr. Hardy may be far better off than in this troublesome world. But I miss him very much. I feel quite lonely. I feel my real father is gone ; yea, he has been to me more than my father. I believe that he knew me more than all my Japanese friends here. I have lost the friend of Japan. My heart is darkened like the total eclipse so recently happened here. Cheerfulness and bright­ness are suddenly disappeared. Alas! the total dark­ness. The air is chilled, the temperature is fallen. This solar eclipse lasted only for a while, but my heart's eclipse may continue so long as I live. I can­not finish even these few lines. I am too sensitive just yet. Besides this sensitive feeling I have another, my sympathy with you. You must miss him beyond a measure. His cheerful voice cannot be heard any more. My heart aches in your behalf. However, I rejoice with you that when he departed from you he must have commanded you to trust, and rely upon an­other arm, ever strong and everlasting. I will try and write you much oftener than before, but at present I find it a hard work to write to you." " September 4th. It is quite rainy this afternoon.