ANNIVERSARY EXERCISES. 299 to pause many times before I could read your most tender and motherly words. My profow1d affection for you is not to be diminished by these thousands of miles which I have traversed. All my past with you is a real and substantial present, so sweet to look back and reflect upon. I believe I am not dreaming, but thinking upon a reality -love begotten by love. My heart does not permit me to write upon this sub­ject. It begins to throb and beat fast as soon as I attempt to do so. Many, many thanks for all you have done for me." The anniversary exercises above referred to had been postponed a few days, and were held immedi­ately after Mr. Neesima's arrival. The corner-stones of the new buildings -one a large chapel, the other a library, museum, and laboratory -were laid in the morning. In the afternoon the anniversary exercises took place in the gymnasium, the largest room at that time in any of the school buildings. It was beautifully decorated with evergreens and chrysanthemums. His Excellency the Governor of the Kyoto Fu was present, and the large room was crowded with students, grad­uates, and friends of the school. The historical ad­dress was made by Dr. Davis. In the evening the grounds were brilliantly illuminated by colored lan­terns, and a meeting of welcome to Mr. Neesima was held, when addresses were delivered by representa­tives of the students, the faculty, and the Kyoto churches. An alumni association was organized the next day. The school was then in a flourishing condi­tion, one hundred and twenty applicants for admis­sion having presented themselves at the opening of the year, of whom eighty passed the examinations. The local interest in the establishment of additional