290 TO EUROPE AND AMERICA AGAIN. or indirectly. Sometimes indirect efforts produce more speedy results than direct. 4. This provision will surely benefit and tone up the theological course, instead of causing any serious harm to it. 5. We desire to lay down a broad basis for Chris­tian education by encouraging post-graduate studies. The time is just ripening for us to take this step, so as to attrac~t thereto the best and most talented youths in the country and foster and fit them for the highest good and noblest purpose. We are thus compelled to attempt this broad sweep to reach and win thirty­seven million precious souls to Christ. Seeds of truth must be sown now. Undue delay will give a grand chance to unbelieving hands to make thorough mis­chief and render that beautiful island empire hope­lessly barren aml fruitless. 0 Japan, thou the fairest of Asia! "If I forget thee, let my right hand forget her cunning and let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth." As I mentioned above, a movement was started at Kyoto last year to raise some money to found chairs for those special studies. But our friends are very few yet. The people are now pressed hard on ac­count of the business stagnation, and a most destruc­tive flood lately visited the country. So we cannot expect to receive from them any large donation. When we met a number of the eminent citizens of Kyoto last year for this specific purpose, we urged them to give us a fund before the year 1890, so that when the emperor gives us a constitution in the same year, we might found a university to commemorate the most extraordinary period of our political history. This appeal created among them a great enthusiasm.