APPEAL TO THE PUBLIC. 289 after God's own heart in the different spheres of our society to leaven the whole lump, we fear the seed of destruction will be soon sown by other agents while we make this delay. Remember what our Saviour said in Luke xvi. 8 : "For the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light." There might be some undue fear that such a provi­sion of those higher studies would naturally draw away ambitious students from the theological course. It may be, but we trust we shall receive a larger supply of students in the academical course, so that some could be spared for other studies without much loss to the theological department. On the contrary we may possibly attract some students to it from the other courses. Some evil may arise in such an undertaking, but it may be overbalanced by the good accomplished by it. Now allow us to state a few reasons for this undertaking: -1. Such a provision will detain the youths for further studies in the school after finishing the aca­demical course. It will help them to develop and strengthen their Christian character. 2. Such a provision will accommodate some thoughtful parents, who may naturally desire to send their boys to a school where their moral character is carefully fostered and will be likely to be developed so strong as to be a safeguard against youthful vices and corruption. 3. The youths who have thus received a broad cul­ture will certainly have a grand opportunity to in­fluen~e society for good. Words and deeds o£ well­educated, earnest Christians in different spheres o£ society will help the cause very much either directly