278 TO EUROPE AND AMERICA AGAIN. especially one which burst forth like fire within the walls of our training-school and gave us fresh courage and conviction that the whole kingdom of the Rising Sun would become the kingdom of the Son of Right­eousness and Peace. Ten years ago we prayed that doors might be opened, but now we pray that efficient laborers may enter doors so widely open. It is most painful to deny the Macedonian cry coming from all quarters. When we Christian laborers come together either accidentally or designedly we have no topic of discussion but the direct Christian work at hand. "What shall we do? " is the common phrase among us; and after long observation and careful considera­tion, we have come to the conclusion: Educate and raise up qficient native preachers. I beg your pardon for dwelling so long upon the historical facts before presenting a plan for your con­sideration, but I felt it necessary to do so in order that you should see our present imperative need. I now beg your attention to the following scheme: -First, the highest possible education should be given to the Christian ministry. Second, the thorough education of Christian phy­sicians would be of great auxiliary assistance. Third, the foundation of chairs in Jurisprudence, Political Science, Political Economy, Philosophy, History, Literature, etc., would be a strong attraction to bring the choicest students under Christian influ­ence. I regard the first as a direct Christian work and expect to dwell upon it hereafter, and would also call the second of scarcely less importance; and the third I might call an indirect work, but it is a process si­lently leavening, influential and powerful. To direct