LETTER TO PRUDENTIAL COMMITTEE 277 dreamed of such a thing, even two years ago. It is a great wonder to us that the world begins to run after us with such confidence. However, we are not too sanguine. We will calmly wait and see what they will do for us. A recent interview between some of our leading statesmen and missionaries indicates clearly that the former are anxious to know something of Christianity. I believe some of them feel keenly their treatment by foreign powers as a heathen nation. Recent news from home informs me that some political leaders and editors are beginning to cry out for religious liberty and have published very bold articles in favor of Christianity. The bold action recently taken by the government in severing its connecction with existing pagan religions has induced me to say with a pro­found awe that God is fighting for us. With regard to our young churches, I think they are worthy of your notice. As everywhere else, they have been thus far despised and rejected. But within a year or two they have stepped forward to a front rank in society. The last report informs me that besides helping themselves they have raised nearly one thou­sand dollars for purely mission work, and some of them devoted more than a quarter of their income to this purpose. When we, the delegates from all the churches of the empire, met last year in Tokyo at the third national conference, we participated in a most blessed revival then taking place in the bosom of those churches which welcomed us there. The spirit of the conference, kindled by this revival, toned us up and prompted us to hope that the 36,000,000 of our fellow-creatures might largely be reached within this century. Other revivals followed here and there: