274 TO EUROPE AND AMERICA AGAIN. number of criminals. The introduction of moral in­struction in the schools is unavailing if the teachers themselves are without morality. Failing thus in every attempt to improve her subjects, the govern­ment has begun unconsciously to seek for something better tlnn the mere product of human minds. On the other hand, the Christian education carried out by your Mission in Kyoto has lately begun to show forth its great importance and its bright pros­pects. Though the institution is yet young it has al­ready sent out forty-six graduates from the English, and twenty-eight from the theological course. These graduates, though they may be inferior to those who have studied at the government university of Tokyo, yet in their high moral tone and zealous Christian character command the great respect of the people. The governor of a province remarked, after an in­terview with one of our graduates: "There is no young man like him within our province. What a pure aim and high moral tone that young fellow has! '' The editor-in-chief of the Tokyo "Weekly" is also one of our graduates. A few years ago he started that Christian paper in our capital with the feeble support of our young churches, and he was obliged to put in all his own private means. But he works on bravely for the sake of its utmost necessity, and not for gain; ready to confront any opponents who assail the Christian religion. The moral victory manifested among the young students in our training-school is a great marvel in the eyes of our Kyoto citizens. It is truly an unpre­cedented fact in our national life. This Christian in­stitution, so recently started there, has already shown forth its healthy fruit. We have never tried to make