LETTER TO PRUDENTIAL COMMITTEE. 273 rights of person and property became far better pro­tected. The common and high school systems were first started in the year 1872, and so far as outward form is concerned, are now very successful. About the same time the Tokyo University was founded by the emperor. There are now more than 2,000 stu­dents in its care. The printing press began active operations. and newspapers and magazines were issued with triple speed. Common intelligence is spreading quite fast. Materialistic science is getting to have a mighty sway to crush out the old superstitions. The pagan religions are losing the support both of the gov­ernment and the people. Public lecturers are diligent in advancing their own political and scientific opinions or theories. Self-government is becoming the topic of discussion among inquiring minds. All these material and social changes have sprung up like magic within less than twenty years, and this very fact has induced us to believe that the evangelis­tic work in Japan might as well be done in the same way. Yea, the present changing condition of the country has prompted us to desire that the gospel be now introduced there with zeal and energy, else the anti-Christian elements of materialism and socialism will soon become the greatest barrier to its healthy progress. Buddhism and Confucianism will not be much in our way. But these mod~rn unbelieving ele­ments from abroad will certainly be our future foes. The government has lately recognized the tendency to lawlessness, discontent, and disorder. Some cry out for liberty without morality, and eagerly run after civ­ilization without religion. Crimes of all descriptions are more frequent than ever before. The increase of the police force is accompanied by an increase in the