WILL WRITTEN IN ST. GOTHARD PASS. 269 I am a native of Japan and a Christian missionary to my native land. On account of my ill-health I was obliged to leave my native land. I came from Milan to Andermatt yesterday and took a room at the Hotel Oberalp. I started on a trip to the St. Gothard pass with a German gentleman this morning. As I found myself unwell he left me here and went on to Airolo. I found myself hard of breathing. It must be some trouble in my heart. My goods are in the Hotel Oberalp with some money. If I die please send a tel­egram to Pastor Jurino, 51 Via Torino, Milan, and ask him to take charge of my body. May the kind Heavenly Father receive my soul to his bosom. Au­gust 6, 1884. J. H. Neesima. Whoever reads this writing, pray for Japan, my dear native land. I would ask the Pastor J urino to bury me in Milan and send this writing to Hon. Alpheus Hardy, 4 Joy Street, Boston, Mass., U. S. A., as he and his wife have been my benefactors these twenty years. May the Lord give them ample rewards both now and here­after. Send a telegram to Mr. Hardy at once. Please cut and send a little portion of my hair to my dear wife and aged parents in Kyoto, Japan, as a token of the inseparable bond of union in Christ. My plan for Japan will be defeated. But thanks be to the Lord that He has done so much for Japan. I trust He will yet do the wonderful work there. May the Lord raise up many true Christians and noble patriots for my dear fatherland! Amen and amen. LucERNE, August 17. I bought an Alpinestock at Milan, intending to do much walking. But my plan is defeated. Still I take what comes to me. I have learned in my expe-