266 TO EUROPE AND AMERICA AGAIN. be the aspect of the Christian world! 0 Heavenly Father, give us this fire! However small we may be, if we have genuine fire we shall consume even the whole world. How small a spark. burned up a vast forest in Canada! How small a lamp consumed two thirds of the great city of Chicago! Sometimes one may make an artificial fire in imitation of the divine, but his hearers will sooner or later detect it; it is a mock fire. God will not bless such. 0 let the divine fire be burning within us always. "When we are successful in life let us remember Christ's words: 'It is I.' He is the cause of all true success. When we are frightened, or disappointed, or alone, let us remember how he said, 'It is I.' 0 the consolation of Christ's presence ! "When I awoke this morning I thought of some prayer for some important event in the world. A single prayer, a single word or deed, may exert some vast influence. 0 what responsible creatures we are! I wish I realized it more. '"It is finished.' Was ever dying speech so bold! " Is there any one in the world perfectly free from selfish ambition? How can one lmow that he is free from such? Or is there any one perfectly free from the slightest deception? Can deception ever be erad­icated from civilized society? How many of us can say to God, 'I have lived my life without the slight­est ambition or deception ' ?. Has any one ever seen, or could we expect to see, such a perfect type of hu­manity among the race of Adam, except the Son of God ? It is too foolish to entertain such a question, but I would like to meet such a person. "To be aimless is to be lifeless. A doubting mind never accomplished anything. If we have a doubt