EXTRACTS FROM JOURNAL. 265 purpose. We shall sooner or later reach our mark. Never shoot one arrow into the air; aim at an object surely, and then let it go. If we miss, then repeat the process again and again until we can satisfy our­selves. I never knew of a single case of a talented, puffed up, yet unsettled man accomplishing anything noteworthy. "Never miss a rare opportunity to do good. Let our guns be always loaded. When we meet our game, aim at it and shoot it instantly; for our game will never wait for us. When we meet with any occasion to do good to another, don't let it go; don't wait for to-morrow; do it at once, for we may never have the occasion again. To shoot wild game is a mere pleasure, but to shoot men for our Master is a grave business. Let our guns be first loaded with living powder and bullets from on high, and be always ready. Many hunters of men carry their guns un­loaded. This explains why Christ's kingdom does not spread faster among men. " The Divine Fire. Many Christian ministers may have highest culture, and may write their sermons with much skill and thought,-beautifully executed work, like a Grecian marble statue. Alas! there is no beat in it. Heat must be caused by fire; if there is no fire in the sermon to heat the hearer's heart, it is a serious affair. Divine fire is needed to heat men's hearts. This fire can only be got by daily seeking. Those who depend very much upon their talent and knowledge are very apt to forget to seek this much needed divine fire for themselves as well as for their hearers. How cold such a heart must be to a congregation! It is fireless and lifeless. If each professing Christian had this divine fire what would