264 TO EUROPE AND AMERICA AGAIN. Discover his temper, his education, his surroundings, his circumstances in life. See how he behaves in some unusual case. Never criticise too soon, else we shall surely misjudge him. Judge with a Christian grace. Never be too harsh or too minute. Love oth­ers as our Heavenly Father loves us. If we have love on our side we shall lose all our petty criticising spirit. 0, it is a most unhappy and unhealthy thing to have too critical eyes for •others. When we dis­cover some defect in others, take it as it were upon ourselves and try not to repeat it. When we see great success among our brethren, wish more success for them. Never look upon our dear brother with an envious eye. If he is good, praise him, pray for him, and follow his example. I observed often that when some one hears good news of his friend he would say, 'But he is so and so,' instead of rejoicing over his success. Weak human nature is prevailing every­where. There is a great deal of competition among educated people. Note: Be especially patient when we are sick or feeling unhappy. "Don't be a Jack-at-all-trades, In passing through some country towns I notice there are ever so many things shown in the shops, but when I closely exam­ine each article I find the stock of each kind is rather scanty. It is well for us to be widely informed on many subjects, but do not imitate those country shops, -many articles, but a scanty supply of each. We ought to be well posted in at least one subject or professional study. It will be a rich treat to us. Success in our life will chiefly hang upon it. Let this be our defensive and offensive weapon on the battle­field of truth. Though our talent be small, let it be solid and weighty. Be single-minded for a single