EXTRACTS FROM JOURNAL. 261 to be the necessary exponent of real love and kind­ness; but without sincerity it is a kind of deception. "Business Character. The Italians appear to be polite, but they lack business character. They are by nature easy-going, and would rather postpone busi­ness if possible. They will not move unless they are pushed by some one. They do not know how to be prompt. They talk much and are easily excited. Time is not money for them. Do what is to be done promptly. Waste no time in talking. Do it, and it is done. ".Man's Greatness. Man's greatness does not depend upon his learning, but upon his disinterest­edness in self. Those with much learning are apt to be more selfish than the unlearned. Let us look at Christ on the cross. He is our example. 0 how noble, how grand, how gracious, He seems to us l Let us forget self, and offer ourselves freely for the cause of truth. Let us also be truly penitent and humble. I call this man's greatness. " The True Hero-worshiper. Most Japanese are hero-worshipers. They are a difficult people to man­age except by a hero to whom they can look up. Yet they are very easily led away by a hero. They move on the sensational currents of the hero's opinions, and lack individuality. Most hero-worshipers are tinged with the same color as that of their hero. Their weak point is that they cannot rise above their hero. If he makes a mistake, or fails, they also do the same. If he falls, they fall likewise. This has been true of us, as close examination of our history will show. You will also find that there has been no hero in Japan who has done all for unselfish ends. He is apt to be more selfish than the common mass of the people.