258 TO EUROPE AND AMERICA AGAIN. TO MR. HARDY. TORRE PELLICO, July 1, 1884. This valley is directly west from Turin, and Torre Pellico is the largest community. Here is a college for young men and a school for girls. The population is of the Protestant faith. The American consul in Turin advised me to come here, because of the beau­tiful scenery and fine air. He said nothing of the community in this valley, but I knew something of it before and am much interested to know more about it and to study its history. You know what severe religious persecutions they have suffered. They are just well enough off to support themselves, but can do nothing else. But for their poverty they might be a leaven to Italy. I have already taken some ex­cursions to neighboring high hills, and have made many acquaintances whose society I enjoy. I cannot read or study much yet. As my health has been going down some years it may take some time to build it up. In your kind letter you urge me not to think about money for our school in Kyoto. But, dear sir, I have no single day in which my thought could be free from Japan. My heart is in two places, -heaven and Japan, -yes, one more place,­America. I desire to raise some money in America to start a medical school, for which I have already written to you with Dr. Berry. In Japan I also be­gan to receive some sympathy from friends in regard to founding some special chair in our school. The matter looks rather dubious yet, but I feel I must work for it. I must either sink or swim, succeed or die. But I must not write on this subject any more lest you send me a regular scolding. Allow me to