HIS GREAT AIM. 11 moneys very vainly for me, and I guess he will spend least twenty dollars a month for my eating, dressing, useful things of my study ; and if he spend so much moneys for me, he will give me some great work to do. I must work almost all day. Although I will not loathe such work, perhaps it will hindered good time of my study. If I not understand good know~ ledge I may not come back to Japan to see my prince, family, friends, because of my shameful condition, and they will worth me as a dog or a cat because I left home very wickedly, hoping to get some know~ ledge. "I am concerned about it as much as my brain would melted out, and when such musings fell on my head I could not read book at all, I would not do anything very cheerfully, and I looked around myself long time as a lunatic, because it confused my mind very much. But I know not yet will I take what course of my life, and I know not too any trade to earn myself. Alas! I am poor and foolish. I have no one around me to relieve me except you. Then I wish heartily to you that please let me direct into some good way which I may reach my aim. If you let me reach my aim I will never forget your kindness and virtuousness. "Although I will go down behind a grave, my soul will go to heaven to tell to God about it and let him bless you with the truth of God. "Please let me hear that Mr. Hardy will let me go to what kind of school, and I wish that he gave me remainder of his table for my eating, old one of his clothing for my dressing, ink, pen, paper, pencil, for using of my study." The above was not seen by Mr. Hardy at the time,