246 TO EUROPE AND AMERICA AGAIN. labor will ever increase in the future. When I an~ ticipate this matter I am greatly troubled thereby. Though I wished very much to accompany him and render him my service, I feared my going with him might possibly be more a burden than a help. Besides that, we have Joseph's aged parents still living with us and I must remain to serve and comfort them. Although it is very hard for me to be so long sepa­rated from him, yet I bear it rejoicingly. 0, what happy creatures we are! While God was utterly unknown to us, we are known to Him. He called Joseph out to your country and provided you to receive him, and through the help of many our Doshisha was founded. As for me I am born in Japan and am grown in ignorance. Hence it­possible for me to help my husband. However, I am endeavoring to be his helpmate in my ~;ervice to God with a sincere heart. Lately I started a woman's meeting in a suburb of Kyoto. It has been atwnded by six, ten, and by thirteen. I feel I have no ability to lead these beloved sisrers. I am but a child in faith. I wish to win one person to start with, and by and by another may be added unto. I wish I could meet your two personages at least once in this world to express my grateful feeling. And while I am un­able to express it either by my tongue or my pen, I hope that I could have an abundant opportunity to meet with you and talk with you in the same language in heaven when we are called up there by His mercy. But on acount of the shortcoming of my faith I have some fear that I may not be permitred to appear there. I hope you will pray for me on this account. Hereby I send you these my requests with my query for your health.