HEAVY BURDENS. 231 Christianity. We must have men well furnished with scientific and Biblical knowledge for advancing Japan. We are now on a battlefield. Soldiers ought to be strong. Hereafter uneducated pastors will be thrown out of the market. Such will everywhere be disliked. The better preachers we send, the more money will the people raise. "This is only leisure hour I have found since last April. I can only say to you that my life is like a race runner's. I find leisure hours only in summer. I devote these chiefly to my own study. I must keep pace with the advancing world. On the 17th and 18th I made a short visit to Kishinowada. My time was so fully occupied there that I could scarcely eat. While I was eating people were waiting in the room. "I must be thankful for the wise management of the American Board in sustaining our Kyoto institu­tions. I. .. et the present arrangement continue as long as it may be needful. According to your kind fa­therly advice I will be careful and try to do all things in a perfect harmony with our missionaries. I shall be careful not to find fault in others. 1V e were ter­ribly attacked by some brethren in other stations. I attempted to defend our position. It is all over now. I shall say nothing about them, of them, or against them. There is now perfect harmony between the different stations of our Mission. The last two months were the hardest ones I have ever experienced since my return to Japan. I found myself in the lowest stratum, and received the whole pressure upon myself. A heavy trial with respect to the govern­ment, and grave troubles among our native brethren and also in our school. 0, heavy burdens! I bore them chiefly on myself by His help, but I think I came pretty near to burst up my brains."