8 EARLY LIFE. ting a man's side bone. Mter he made up all things of universe, he took a rest. That day we must call Sunday or Sabbath day. I understood that Jesus Christ was Son of Holy Ghost, and he was crossed for the sins of all the world ; therefore we must call him our Saviour. Then I put down the book and look around me, saying that: Who made me? My parents? No, God. Who made my table? A carpen­ter? No, my God. God let trees grow upon the earth, and although God let a carpenter made up my table, it indeed came from some tree. Then I must be thankful to God, I must believe him, and I must be upright against him. From that time my mind was fulfilled to read English Bible, and purposed to go to Hakodate to get English or American teacher of it. Therefore I asked of my prince and parents to go thither. But they had not allowed to me for it, and were alarmed at it. But my stableness would not destroy by their expostulations, and I kept such thoughts, praying only to God : Please ! let me reach my aim. " And I began to read English from some Japanese teacher. A day I walked some street o£ Yedo, and suddenly met a skipper of a schooner, who knew me well and love me too. I asked to him, 4 When your vessel going ? ' He answered, 4 She will bound to Hakodate within three days.' I told him, 4 I got warm heart to go thither. If you please, let me go thither.' _He said me: 'I will take you to go thither, but perhaps your prince Mld your parents will not allow it to you. You must ask first to them.' After two days I took up some money, little clothing, and little books, and left quite my home, not thinking that if this money was gone how I would eat, or dress my-