192 MISSIONARY WORK IN J~PAN. filled with joy and I could scarcely speak with him. [Following the practice so universally resorted to in Japanese society to prevent the extinction of families, after Mr. Neesima's escape and before the news of his safety was received, his father had adopted a young man of the province as the heir of the house and fu­ture head of the family.] Although he is my own son, I would no longer call him my son, but treat him as if he is sent from God. I daily listen to his in­structions, and we have just begWl to worship the true God. Please rejoice with my son and also with us that the people in this place who have been living in midnight darkness have just awakened and opened their eyes to see the true path which they should follow. We hope and trust that a glorious time will soon come by the means of the gospel truth. Although I desire to say many things, my pen and paper do fail to do so. I wish this brief note to give you reply for your kind letter, and also to express my hearty thanks for your kindness shown to my son. Please take good care for your health. My family unite with me in sending you their warmest regards and love. With hundred bows, NEESIMA TAMIHARU. This is partly direct translation and partly ideal. I find it exceedingly hard to translate twisted oriental writing into straightforward .American idea. My father wrote it without any suggestion. I came home just in a right time, for I found him getting quite poor. He has no special income now. I gave him the money you gave me, and also some of my own