ARRIVAL HOME. 189 word. I noticed his tears dropping on the floor. My old acquaintances gathered at home and requested me to tell them all my experiences in the United States. Since I came here callers come, not simply from this town, but also from the neighboring towns and villages lying within seven or eight miles from here. They have kept me busy all times. They come here by hearing of my humble name, hoping to see me even for a few minutes. They looked as sheep without a shepherd. I find it almost impossible to send them back without some spiritual food. Soon after my arrival I presented your kind letter to my father, but for a long time I could not translate it for him, because when I tried to read it I could not help thinking of the scene of my last departure from you, and the very thought prevented me to speak freely. Another day I gathered my parents and sis­ters and succeeded in reading your letter to them. Before I got half through all of them began to weep, being much affected by your parental kindness shown to me. My father told me you were our saviour and our gods. Then I told him he must not make his American friends gods. If he feels grateful for their kind deeds he must worship that one God, Creator o£ Universe, and Saviour of mankind, who is the God of his American friends. I mentioned still further to him that you became so good and kind even to a wan­dering stranger because you are the worshipers of true God and the humble followers of Christ; that you saved me from a miserable condition and gave me necessary education that I might become a teacher of glad tidings to our benighted people; that you loved our people as much as your own American people. Since that time my father discontinued to worship the