EARLY LIFE. and I was wondered so much as my brain would melted out from my head, picking out President, Building, Free School, Poor House, House of Correction, and machine-working, etc. And I thought that a governor of our country must be as President of the United States. And I murmured myself that, 0 Governor of Japan ! why you keep down us as a dog or a pig? We are people of Japan. H you govern us you must love us as your children. From that time I wished to learn American knowledge, but alas, I could not get any teacher to learn it. Although I would not like to learn Holland, I was obliged to learn it because many of my countrymen understood to read it. Every one another day I went to my master's house to learn it. "Some day I had been in the prince's office and I got none to write at all. Therefore I ran out from the office and went to my master's house. By and by my prince stepped into the office, wanting to see me ; but he saw nobody there, and he stayed me until I came back into. When he saw me he heated me. 'Why you run out from the office? I would not allowed you to run out from there.' After ten days I ran out from there again, but he would not know about it. But alas ! in the next time he found out again I ran out from the office, and he heated me. ' Why you run out from here ? ' Then I answered to him that ' I wished to learn foreign knowledge, and I hope to un­derstand it very quickly ; therefore, though I know I must stay here, reverence your law, my soul went to my master's house to learn it, and my body was obliged to go thither too.' Then he said to me very kindly Dr. Brown. It was doubtless one of these copies which fell into Nee­lima's hands.