ANTICIPATIONS OF HOME. 179 whenever I have some view of great undertaking be­fore me. But I cannot understand myself why I am so cold now when I have a view of going home. I suppose I shall not realize it until I come to Y oko­hama and see my father face to face. He may not kill a calf for me, but he will certainly welcome, em­brace, and kiss me. I shall start for Y edo at once; and thence for Annaka where my parents live now. Dr. Treat gave me a permission to stay with my father at least two weeks. They will be very busy weeks in telling all my experiences in America, the land of my exiled adoption, and also visiting and receiving my old acquaintances. Although the distance between us is increasing more and more, my affection towards you is increasing. Whenever I think of you I feel like a crying child. I dreamed of you and Mr. Hardy an­other night. Although I do not believe in any dream sign, still I think it very pleasant. In it I welcomed both of you in my Japanese home, which was furnished in a real Japanese style. The pleasant smile of both of you seemed so real to me. So I take it as a good omen of your paying me a visit in Japan. Please re­member my dream, and let me rejoice in welcoming your real persons in some future day.