SALT LAKE CITY. 175 was unsuccessful on account of his illness. I saw his secretary, and through him I was introduced to Orson Pratt, the ablest preacher and writer among them and also one of their twelve apostles. He was very gen­tlemanly, and answered very patiently all my ques­tions about Mormonism. He desired me to preach the gospel which he preaches, but I thanked him and answer~d him I should preach the gospel which I find in the New Testament and nothing else. He was not offended by my reply, and willingly assisted me in visiting objects of interest, -the Tabernacle, City Hall, Mormon University, etc. I enjoyed the trip exceedingly, especially the scen­ery on this side of Green River. My bag is ahnost filled with geological specimens. Snow at the sunm1it was nearly eight inches deep, but within a few hours we found the climate mild and nature looking quite genial and inviting. I am invited to Oakland to speak to friends of missions. October 30. Your coming to New Haven to see me off made my leaving Boston easier than I expected. You seemed to know exactly what I felt about leaving your home. It was a great treat to me that both of you came, and gave me the opportunity of bidding you farewell the second time. I am also greatly in',lebted to you for yourpartingpresent. My father is in debt now, and this will help me to pay off his debt and also get a. few things for my parents and sisters. I trust you know how ~·ateful I am to you, although I utterly lack in words to express it.