160 FIRST VISIT TO EUROPE. malty. But as I am your minor you must tell me what you think the best and I will follow your guide. I have sent you a check for $480 gold. I calculate it will be sufficient to support me for another year's study in Andover. TO MRS. HARDY. WIEBBADEN, March 5, 1873. I have been here just three weeks and taken nine­teen baths. My health has been improving pretty steadily, and I hope as soon as the weather is settled to be well again. I think this bath is an excellent thing for rheumatism, but it does rather excite my nerves. Hence my nervous headache is no better than it was three weeks ago. My physician advises me to continue the bath a week or two longer and also drink the mineral water. 'Vhen I started from Berlin I was much disheartened, for I thought it too bad for a young man like myself to be mmble to do much bodily or mentally, and to go to a bathing place for cure. But since I came here and saw many suffering young people in much worse condition than myself, I began to feel very much encouraged and also to be thankful for GoJ's gentla dealing with me. I suppose you are well acquainted with this place, so I shall not make you any description of it. It is a very pretty place, but a large part of the people are pleasure worshipers. The theatre, dancing party, and masked ball are very well attended, but the churches are empty. Yet I have found here a few real Christians and made several acquaintances among them. They were so glad to see me who was brought to light from darkness. Although I am living here amidst strangers, I begin to feel quite at home by