146 FIRST VISIT TO EUROPE. have not said anything to him against it, but always I halt on the Sabbath whether in the city or country. I have already explained to him the reason. I have attended the English services at ·Berne and Zurich, but I am sorry to say that the preachings did not sat­isfy me at all. They spend over au hour for services, and about fifteen minutes for sermons. Their dis­courses are somewhat cold and lifeless. Since I left France water does not agree with me at all. So I have made a new resolution, to take some diluted wines or beer until I may be accustomed to water in any new place. As I have been long ab­staining from any sort of liquors, I am very easily af­fected by a few swallows, which is rather trying to my old Puritan principle. ST. PETERSRlTRG, August 10. Two of our party who are influenced by French infidels and German rationalists went out for sight­seeing on the Sabbath morning and hired one guide without consulting me. In the first place they asked Mr. Tanaka and myself to visit a Russian church. ·when I saw a guide coming with us I objected their hiring him simply for going to a church. I went to the finest Russian church in the city with them, fall­ing into their net, but soon after I inquired of that guide for an English or American church and asked him leave to let me do my way. When I came back from church I found they did not accomplish very much; they went to some garden, but were very mu0h disappointed and disgusted with it. I found Mr. Tanaka reading some Christian books whole after­noon. I am glad to inform you ·he has found some difference between the motives of my own and the