IN BERLIN. 145 TO MR. AND MRS. HARDY. BERLIN, August 6, 1872. Since writing you from Macon I have been to Ge­neva, Berne, and Zurich, and arrived here last night via Augsburg and Leipzic. We leave for St. Peters­burg this evening and may possibly •·emain in Russia for a week. Then we will return and begin to study the Prussian system of education. As yet we have only called on our Japanese friends here. We unex­pectedly met Mr. Sears in the street. I was very glad to find him and learn something of you. Thus far I have been moving from one place to another, but after I get back from Russia I shall engage to a hard study. Another Japanese who speaks German is added to our party and will go with us to St. Peters­burg. Mr. Tanaka feels quite proud for having three Japanese with him who would individually speak Eng­lish, French, and German. He remarked to-day that he can go round the world without any difficulty with three of us. I think I am of little use to him on the Continent, for the English is very little spoken here, but why he desires to have me gQ with him is that I should study the European systems of education and see the operations in the schools myf!elf. The three of us have been getting along without slightest diffi­culty among ourselves. The others say nothing against my religious faith and observances. Although they pay some respect to Christian institutions, yet they have not drank in the rich cream of tmth which we can obtain only by coming to the tender and for­giving Saviour. As Mr. Tanaka is somewhat hasty person, he does very often travel on the Sabbath when it is convenient to him, especially to save time. I