142 FIRST VISIT TO EUROPE. was kindly received by the guardmen. On top of rampart I had the whole view of city. If your little grandson Sherburne was with me he might undoubt­edly have said, "It is splendid." \Ve stopped at Glasgow only a few days. Mr. Tanaka works hard as ever and we are getting along nicely in our business. We start for London to-mor­row, and are hoping to see you with a great pleasure. TO MR. HARDY. LONDON, June 8, 1872. Yours of the 3d inst. was received yesterday at' Barings. I have been very anxious to know of your arrival for some time, and am so glad that you have arrived safely at Cork. \Ve had a very pleasant time at Edinburgh, and get along splendidly in visiting schools. \V e were very much pleased with the Scotch character, especially the people of Edinburgh. They are truly the Bostonians of the British Empire. We had very serious time procuring our hotel in London, riding around the city from 8.30 P. JH. till 11 P. M. Finally we got in Golden Hotel, Charing Cross. There was only one single room, so they emp­tied a drinking room for us, and its bedstead con­sisted of one sofa and three chairs. The day before yesterday we called on Mr. Donald Matherson, who is a great friend of Rev. Charles Douglas, a mission­ary in China some time ago, and whom we met at the great Assembly in Edinburgh. He was very attentive to us and procured us lodging in a private family for our temporary abode until we may find a still better place. I am getting quite tired for visiting schools so constantly since we arrived at Liverpool. Every­thing comes upon my shoulder, even for keeping up