CALLS ON BISHOP OF MANCHESTER. 141 I write this brief note to you hoping simply t:J in­form you our safe voyage thus far. I think we shall remain in Glasgow and Edinburgh only a few days, and will try to meet you in London within a fort­night. TO MR. HARDY. EDINB~RGH, June 3, 1872. Supposing that you have just reached London, I will write you this brief note to inform you how we are getting along in Scotland. As you may have un­derstood by my last letter we touched at Queenstown two weeks ago to-day and to-morrow will be our third Tuesday since we arrived at Liverpool. We did not find any trouble in landing at Liverpool, for the Cus­tom House Officers were very civil to us. They did not inspect our luggage at all, and moreover one of them accompanied us to our hotel. Staying there only one day and a half, we took our first trip in Eng­land to an awful smoky city, Manchester, where we had very pleasant interview with the Bishop of Man­chester and obtained a great deal of information on the English education. We were very much pleased with his politeness to the Orientals and also very soul).d advice on our future steps. We left Manchester a week ago last Friday for Glasgow, but finding the journey rather wearisome we stopped at Carlisle for the night. On the follow­ing morning Mr. Tanaka had not courage to get up, finding himself very tired; so I did leave him alone and took a walk on a little busy street, a long street. Fortunately I discovered an old castle standing on an abrupt hill at the outskirt of the city. What inviting view it was to a lonely walker. I went up there and